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About Us

About X-Consulting Group

XCG leverages technology and world-class methodologies to enhance organizational execution and accountability.  XCG was formed to help organizations improve organizational effectiveness primarily focused on Sales leadership and the integration of emerging technologies.

We work with leaders who are seeking significant, potentially market changing revenue growth through distinct improvements in their organizations ability to execute and drive both new business and retention of existing customers.

The Most Creative Ideas

We take a holistic approach utilizing the world-class sales, sales management, and customer relationship management methodologies, cutting edge technology, and the best of foundational organizational development theories we know work to develop and mobilize organizations.

Just a few of the services we provide:

  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Playbook
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Consulting/Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Stategy Review/Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Execution Support
  • Strategic Attack Teams

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Commitment to Excellence >

      Our team of dedicated professionals is singularly focused on helping your organization succeed, whether your goal is to get better results out of your sales team or to develop future leaders, we have the expertise to make it happen.
  • Our Satisfaction Guarantee >

      We know you have choices.  Your trust in us will not go unrewarded.  We promise you will be completely satisfied with our products, services and support.  Working with "Best in Breed" organizations allows us to provide a broad range of solutions to guarantee your success and satisfaction.
  • Our Experience >

      XCG is a team of independent consultants that share a common goal of helping companies improve performance, revenue growth and market share. We do this by insuring people have the right tools, right information, and an inspection process that holds people accountable. With over 100 years sales leadership experience we understand why organizations fail. We have developed a holistic approach that will help you execute more effectively and achieve measurable results.     
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