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It is widely acknowledged that the sales manager is the key change agent in any sales force. It is also widely acknowledged that the coaching of sales reps is the highest impact activity for any sales manager. Yet, study after study reveals too little coaching is taking place with too little impact.

In Vantage Point Performance’s book Cracking the Sales Management Code (McGraw-Hill 2012), they share ground breaking research into the measurement and management best practices of top sales forces. This research reveals a holistic management system that provides what sales management training has been lacking – an operating manual for sales managers. It details a comprehensive infrastructure that helps sales managers focus their sellers on the activities that make a difference.

Cracking the Sales Management Code is a robust set of training modules, each of which targets specific sales management tasks. We first assess the type of sale your sales force makes to determine the key activities that drive your company’s sales performance. We then select the training content that will improve your managers’ ability to improve those specific activities.

This program, based on the latest research into sales management best practices, will provide sales managers with proven strategies, processes, skills, tools and metrics to improve their team’s performance. Give us a call today to get started.

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      Our team of dedicated professionals is singularly focused on helping your organization succeed, whether your goal is to get better results out of your sales team or to develop future leaders, we have the expertise to make it happen.
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      We know you have choices.  Your trust in us will not go unrewarded.  We promise you will be completely satisfied with our products, services and support.  Working with "Best in Breed" organizations allows us to provide a broad range of solutions to guarantee your success and satisfaction.
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      XCG is a team of independent consultants that share a common goal of helping companies improve performance, revenue growth and market share. We do this by insuring people have the right tools, right information, and an inspection process that holds people accountable. With over 100 years sales leadership experience we understand why organizations fail. We have developed a holistic approach that will help you execute more effectively and achieve measurable results.     
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